Friday, 2 January 2015

UK SBA class rules (including HP30 division)

Class Rules summary below

  • Ballasted keel boat which caries asymmetric kite on centreline based pole
  • Maximum length overall of 30'(9.15 m)
  • Maximum displacement of 2000kg
  • Maximum DLR of 100 in which DLR=27.87x(Boat Weight)/Length Waterline^3 
  • A minimum limit of positive stability of 60 degrees
  • HP30 division lower limit IRC rating 1.030 upper limit 9.15 meters (for existing boats build before 1/9/15 this will be 9.5 meters)
The Class Rules will also include a proposed HP30 division. 

This division is aimed at the one designs around the 30' bracket such as the C&C 30, Farr 280, MC31, Soto 30 and many others.  Allowing these boats of very similar speeds and performance to race together.

Download the full Class Rules