Thursday, 16 June 2016

Preview HP30 & Sportsboats Nationals 15-17 July

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Saturday, 28 November 2015

PRESS RELEASE: UK Sports Boats unite in new class association

After the success of earlier mixed Sports Boat events, like in Plymouth Race Week & Cowes week, owners and supporters have united their interest in a new class. The newly formed UK Sports Boat Association will be working hard to rally these fun and fast boats together. One of the class initiators, Jochem Visser, said "It's a growing group of boats which is currently badly represented. Many new owners are attracted by their fun & speedy character coupled with the smaller crew and easier logistics. Even though many of them have One Design racing it is becoming ever more apparent that on a local level there is a urgent need for a rating platform which provides fair racing and rewards the better sailors". The class has simple objectives;
  • Promote & support a fair rating system for mixed fleet racing which rewards the better sailors.
  • Respect & promote the One-design character within the fleet.
  • Represent the class interest to, and affiliate with, local clubs and National sailing authorities.
  • Organise an annual Sports Boats Nationals, Season Point Series and local events.
Farr 280 at top end of the new class
The class is aimed at any Sports Boat with a LOA between 5 and 9.15 meters with aim to include successful boats like the Seascape 18 at the lower end and the Farr 280 at the top end of the class.
Jochem commented further "We had a recent meeting with the IRC rating office and they are making their best efforts to equalise the current rating anomalies for these kind of boats. By uniting these boats, which all have very similar performance characteristics, in their own class away from pure displacement type of boats will also make racing much closer and fairer".  It will also allow race officers to set a course more suited for these kind of boats.

We will endeavour to create One Design rating certificates for the majority of the the boats eligible.

The Sports Boat class definitions are simple and transparent:

  • Ballasted keel boat which caries an asymmetric kite on centreline based pole
  • Maximum length overall of 30'(9.15 m)
  • Maximum displacement of 2000kg
  • Maximum DLR of 100 in which DLR=27.87x(Boat Weight)/Length Waterline^3 
  • A minimum limit of positive stability of 60 degrees

Membership for Sports boats owners will be £ 10,- and free for crew and associate members. Membership registration will be open from the ** of January on website
For any questions you can contact us on

Seascape 18 at the lower end of the Sports Boat class 

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Which boats are typically eligible to race in this class?

Here is a list of typical boats which will comply (Click on them to find out more about the classes individually):

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

The UK SBA will represent your interests, lobby for a fair rating system and create and support events for the class. We will assist with the issuing of standardised One Design rating certificates. The UK SBA will govern the class and ensure fairness in racing between the boats eligible for the class  Furthermore we will endeavour to organise a Nationals and other local events on a annual basis. We will also try to make sure the courses and race format suit our type of boats by handing guidelines and directions to race officers. Another key thing is helping members with the logistics of traveling & accommodation at key class events.

Annual membership is £ 10,- a year which covers for the administration of the Class Association. For crew and other associates the membership is free

Providing your boat is fast & fun (see more about this in the Class Rules) and complies with the following:
  • Ballasted keel boat which caries asymmetric kite on centreline based pole
  • Maximum length overall of 30'(9.15 m)
  • Maximum displacement of 2000kg
  • Maximum DLR of 100 in which DLR=27.87x(Boat Weight)/Length Waterline^3 
  • A minimum limit of positive stability of 60 degrees

Yes but we have to be honest that we will not encourage this. You are much better off in keeping your boat in line with international or local class rules. It preserves your boats 2nd hand value and more importantly allows you to sail the boats in her own class events when the opportunity comes. In general rating wise we will favour the standard configuration.

All subs are used to promote and organise the class. The class is also supported by sponsored banners on the website. The Class Association is run as efficiently possible by using a web interface for subs. It's a non profit Unincorporated Association all the money we collect is used to support your interest as well as organise and promote events. If you are interested in the whole constitution click here on class constitution to read more about our set up.

As a Class Association we will endeavour to make sure the rating platform we are going to use is as fair as possible but will still reward the best sailors. We already had talks with RORC IRC rule and we are going to work together with them to improve the rule for the Sports Boats. This is why it is so important to support us. We are however keeping the options open to join or create alternative rating systems if we feel this will benefit the class.

Even though some One Designs are doing very well as a class you will also have experienced that when you go out racing in your local series suddenly there are not enough boats to compete. Our key aim is to help you to be able to sail your boat whenever & wherever against similar type of boats.

There will be a online poll system on the website. The results will also be open to view. You can vote only once on each poll. Sometimes you can tick more than one answer if you wish.

There was a request from the owners of a group of 25'-30' Sports Boats to create a dedicated division for them in a similar way as the Fast40+ have a dedicated class within IRC. We are the umbrella organisation for all Sports Boats and the HP30 will be a part of this and use our rules and infrastructure. The HP30 are endeavouring to create a high profile circuit and additional fees may apply for this group. For the Sports Boats in general this is great as we can piggy back along with them and many events we will share the media and infrastructure.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Calendar & Events 2015

Friday, 2 January 2015

UK SBA class rules (including HP30 division)

Class Rules summary below

  • Ballasted keel boat which caries asymmetric kite on centreline based pole
  • Maximum length overall of 30'(9.15 m)
  • Maximum displacement of 2000kg
  • Maximum DLR of 100 in which DLR=27.87x(Boat Weight)/Length Waterline^3 
  • A minimum limit of positive stability of 60 degrees
  • HP30 division lower limit IRC rating 1.030 upper limit 9.15 meters (for existing boats build before 1/9/15 this will be 9.5 meters)
The Class Rules will also include a proposed HP30 division. 

This division is aimed at the one designs around the 30' bracket such as the C&C 30, Farr 280, MC31, Soto 30 and many others.  Allowing these boats of very similar speeds and performance to race together.

Download the full Class Rules

Thursday, 1 January 2015

UK Sports Boats Association constitution

 Constitution for the UK SPORTS BOAT ASSOCIATION 

The full title of the Association shall be the UK Sports Boat Association. 

The objectives of the Association are to promote and further the interests of the Sports Boats and to represent the interest of owners of Sports boats as follows: 
(a) to keep members informed of developments concerning the Class and any proposals concerning Class Rules. 
(b) to organise Championships and to co-ordinate the programme for other races for the Class. 
(c) to encourage National and International competition for the Class. 
(e) to promulgate information on technical development within the Class 
(f) to stimulate the One-Design nature within the Class and promote mixed fleet racing under a rating rule.

Throughout these Rules the following defined terms will be used: 
(a) "The Association" shall mean the UK Sports Boat Association. 
(b) "The Committee" shall mean the Committee of the Sport Boat Association, consisting of elected committee members and members appointed as National members. 
(c) "The Association Rules" shall mean the rules governing the conduct of the Association. 
(d) "The Association Register" shall mean the register of owners of Sports Boats with their addresses, number of boat, to be kept as hereafter provided. 
(e) "The Class" shall mean the class as specified in the UK Sports Boats & HP30 class rules.. 
(f) "The Class Rules" shall mean the rules relating to the definition of this type of boats. 
(g) "The Sail Number" shall mean the Sail Number allocated to the boat. 
(h) "The Class Secretary" shall mean the duly elected Honorary Secretary or appointed Secretary as the case may be, of the Association. 
(i) "Rating Certificate" shall mean a certificate as defined in the ISAF Equipment Rules of Sailing to be issued by the rating authority the class endorses.
(j) “One Design Rating Certificates” are those certificates issued to established one Design classes and where the owner declares the boat is compliant with the specific class rules issued by the established One  Design class.
(k) "Owner" and "Joint Owner" shall mean any person or persons, corporation or association entered on a certificate as owner or joint owner of a SPORTS BOAT. 

(a) The following classes of membership shall be recognised: 
(i) Full Membership. 
(ii) Crew / Associate Membership. 
(iii) Honorary Membership. 
(b) Full Membership shall, upon payment of the prescribed annual subscription be open to any owner of a Sports boat or, in the case of joint owners, to any one of them, or in the case of a Sports boat owned by a corporation or Association, to a nominated representative of that organisation. 
(c) Crew / Associate Membership shall, upon free registration, be open to any crew of a Sports boat not being a full member, or to all individuals or clubs interested in the Sports Boat Class. 
(d) Honorary Membership shall be open to any person having an interest in the Association who is proposed by a Full Member and seconded by at least one member of the Committee and is elected by Members of the 
National Association at any General Meeting of the National Association. 
(e) Members shall be bound by the Association Rules. 
(f) Each full member shall be entitled to one vote at a General Meeting of the Association, or in a online ballot. Associate and Honorary Members shall be entitled to attend and speak at any General Meeting, but not to vote. 

(a) The affairs of the Association shall be managed by the Committee, which shall be the only body empowered to make changes in the Class Rules. 
(b) The Committee shall consist of not less than three and not more than ten full members of the Association, elected annually at a General Meeting of Members, or by postal or email vote, as elected Committee Members. In addition, each Nation with six or more members shall be entitled to appoint two full members to the Committee. 
The Committee shall have powers to co-opt any person to assist it, whether a full member of the Association or not, but such persons shall have no vote in Committee. 
(d) The Committee need not fill a vacancy arising in the Committee unless the total number of Committee Members has dropped below the minimum of three. Committee Members appointed to fill vacancies shall remain in office until the expiry of the term of office of the person whose position they have filled. 
(e) At the Annual General Meeting of the Association, the Committee shall: 
(i) Elect one of its members to act as Chairman of the Association for the following year. 
(ii) Elect an Honorary Secretary or appoint a Secretary, who shall keep correct Minutes and records of all Committee and General Meetings, together with the Association Register, and shall be responsible for communicating the decisions of the Committee to members of the Association and, when directed by the Committee, to owners and joint owners not being members of the Association. 
(iii) Elect an Honorary Treasurer, who shall control the funds of the National Association: make such disbursements as the Committee shall direct: present an annual financial statement at 
each Annual General Meeting. The Secretary or Honorary Secretary may act as Treasurer. 
(f) At meetings of the Committee, one-third (but not less than two) of the elected members shall form a quorum. 
(g) The Committee shall have power to make recommendations to the members in general meeting, or by post, for alteration in, or additions to, the Association Rules. 
(h) The Committee may arrange Annual National Open Championships of the Class and shall co-ordinate such Regional Championships as may be required. 
  1. At least three weeks notice of the date, place and agenda for any Committee Meeting must be given in writing or by email by the Secretary to each Committee Member. Any business conducted by correspondence shall always be circulated through the Secretariat and any Committee Member not answering a motion communicated to him in writing within three weeks of the date of sending shall be deemed to have agreed to such a motion. 

Subject to the provision of these rules, and in particular to the object of the Association, as expressed in Rule 2, the General Committee shall be empowered to perform all functions of management and administration. 
The making of payments and receipt of monies shall be validly evidenced only by the signature of the Treasurer or his Deputy as appointed by the Committee and payments or receipt of monies exceeding the sum of £500 shall require the signature of the Chairman and Secretary or Treasurer. 

(a) The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held annually in any place judged by the Committee to be most convenient to the majority of members of the Association. The precise date, time and place to be at the Committee's discretion. 
(b) A Special General Meeting shall be called by the Chairman or Class Secretary upon receipt by the Class Secretary of a written request, signed by not fewer than ten full members of the Association. 
(c) At least six week's written or email notice shall be given to members of any General Meeting. 
(d) At any General Meeting or Committee Meeting decisions shall be limited to matters on the agenda, other than those concerning measurement rules and shall be carried by a majority vote. Voting shall be by a show of hands, unless a poll is demanded by not fewer than three of the full members present. At any meeting the Chairman shall have a casting vote. The Secretariat shall be responsible for circulating all members or in the case of Committee Meetings, all Committee Members, with the result of any voting. In the event of a postal or email ballot, all returns shall be made to the Secretariat within two weeks of the date of posting the ballot paper. 
(e) At any General Meeting of the Association, six shall form a quorum. 
(f) At any General Meeting of the Association a decision to change or an addition to, the Class Rules shall require a majority of two-thirds.

(a) Subscriptions payable for all classes of membership of the Association shall be payable annually and shall be decided at the Annual General Meeting and shall become due on 1st March of the following year. A member joining the Association after 1st October, whose subscription has been paid for that year, shall not be liable to pay his subscription for the ensuing calendar year. 
(b) Unless otherwise determined by the Association in General Meeting, the annual subscription for full members shall be £10,- (£5,- before 1/4/16) and free for Crew / Associate members. Additional fees may apply to the HP30 circuit. 
(c) Any member whose subscription has not been paid within three months of the date due may have his name removed from the list of members of the Association by the Committee. A member's name may be restored to the Association Register at the discretion of the Committee, on payment of any subscription due.

(a) The Committee shall cause true accounts to be kept giving particulars of: 
(i) All monies, assets and liabilities of the Association. 
(ii) All monies received and expended by the Association and the reasons for such receipts and expenditure. 
(iii) All sales and purchases by the Association. 
(b) The Committee shall cause the annual financial statement to be prepared and presented at every Annual General Meeting of the Association. 
(c) A copy of the annual financial statement, prepared for presentation at a General Meeting shall, not less than fourteen days prior to such General Meeting, be sent to every full member of whose address the Committee is aware.

  1. If the conduct of a member shall in the opinion of the Committee be detrimental to the welfare of the Association, such member shall be communicated with and shall be given an opportunity of explaining his or her conduct to the Committee, either personally or in writing, within a period of 21 days from the date of the communication and shall also be given the opportunity of resigning. If the member concerned fails either to afford a satisfactory explanation to the Committee or to resign from the Association within the stipulated period, the Committee may, with the concurrence of two-thirds of their number present, resolve to expel the member, who shall thereupon cease to be a member of the Association. No decision to expel a member shall be taken unless at least 60% of the members entitled to sit and vote in the Committee are present.

(a)While the Committee will take all reasonable steps to ensure the well-being and conduct of the Association, they cannot accept responsibility for any accident, loss or injury to members or their crew, or averse financial implications of Class Rules changes or expulsion under rule 10(a) of this constitution, neither can they be held responsible for any member or crew failing to observe safety regulations.